This project's brief was for a serene and peaceful family retreat on a remote heavenly beach peninsula in Panama.  

Situated directly on the Pacific Ocean with beachfront access, our vision for this home became inspired by the heavenliness of the coastline, the sea, the sky, the sunrises and sunsets and the islands in the distance.  It was a home that wanted to breathe with the elements and really have an open and fluid dialogue with nature and the incredible climate.  Oriented towards the movement of the sun and the incredible views, this project became an open and airy family beach retreat with warm, grounded, elegant and comfortable modern spaces that, as often as possible, opened up to the outside.


After a lot of visioning and design as well as much consultation with the clients, the house finally broke ground and was built by local builders in addition to custom furniture pieces made locally by woodworkers from the village. We envisioned and designed this home entirely from the ground up and ended up with very happy and satisfied clients (as well as their family and friends who came to visit often!)