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"Thank you thank you for so much beauty ... " - Kourtney M.

" Eefje's studio is a thoughtful, calming, and soulful space that is deeply connected to its surroundings. 

The moment I saw her work, I knew it would be a wonderful fit. " - Jenni K.

" Sublime work. " - Gary L..

" Eefje from Materia-Lumina has designed several projects for me over the years. 

What amazes me most is her natural ability to look at a space and see the solution really clearly and immediately in her own mind.  She has a real eye for balance, texture, composition, materiality and beauty. 

When Eefje is doing a project for me, I trust her judgement implicitly." - Cheryl K.

" Eefje is a visionary designer, artist and healer who creates

exquisite spaces and ceramics for nourishing body, mind and spirit. " - Pat G. 

“ Materia Lumina’s work really is pure serenity … ” - Erin B.

" I can't stop using these pieces!!! I just can't stop looking at & holding them ... they make me feel as though

I am being nurtured by Mother Earth herself & one with her. I am so glad I got them. ” – Serra S.


" My experience with Materia Lumina - both times I have sat in ceremony in her presence - has been pivotal and profound.  Eefje shows up in the shape of pure and precise medicine. She is an inspiration and an unassuming guide.  This work with Materia Lumina opened a beautiful door that can not be closed. "

- Morgan N.


“ Eefje created a sacred space for me that was loving and nurturing …

a powerful yet feminine refuge that allowed for my truth and healing to manifest. " - Karen C H.


" Eefje is a channel of feminine power. Each time I sit in ceremony with her, I experience a 'before'

and 'after' effect, where the world really does feel different after our work together.  

A highly recommended experience for any occasion that is close to your heart. " - Georgiana L.


" Eefje's healing sessions are extremely powerful and very effective.

I truly think of her as a magical being. " - Amber T.

“ Still feeling the effects … I feel a new level of compassion opened up for me. ” – Simone L B.

" One of the things that impresses me about Eefje is her clean, clear energy and intent.

This allows me to relax and deeply absorb our work together and the balancing of my energies. " - Elise K.


" Thank you so much for your beautiful guidance. What an amazing energy shift!

We experienced a few of the most heartfelt, sweet days we have had in a long, long time. " - Kate S.

“ Baby, daddy and I are still beaming from the abundance of appreciation, focus, warmth, guidance and love that filled our home.  It was the most beautiful of days and the most magical day of my pregnancy ... 

a remarkable dreamy web was woven that will reach far past this day and into forever. ” - Syd B.

“ Thank you so much for offering your extraordinary Ceremony medicine to bless this new adventure and personal threshold moment ... I am in deep gratitude and receiving of the boundless gifts. ” - Jaclyn G.



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