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Materia luminA healing + BLESSING CEREMONIES

" My experience with Materia Lumina - both times I have sat in ceremony in her presence - has been pivotal and profound.  Eefje shows up in the shape of pure and precise medicine. She is an inspiration and an unassuming guide.  This work with Materia Lumina opened a beautiful door that can not be closed. " ~ Morgan N.

Our Despachos are magical ceremonies that connect people with the land, each other and their very own heart and soul in the simplest and most beautiful of ways.  When made in sacred space, Despachos create a nurturing sanctuary space that allow people to take some deep breaths in their busy lives, connect to their heart and the land and remember what and who is important in their lives.  It reminds them to give gratitude and send love to those they hold dear and it also allows them to remember and feel the sacred as well as ask for healing if that is needed.  Despachos truly are so simple and so magical. Eefje is so happy to be able to guide people in these beautiful and natural ways.

please email us here FOR BOOKINGS or for more information ABOUT OUR CEREMONIES :

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