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cEREMONy + healing work 
This ceremonial work is rooted in ancient Andean Mysticism, a rich and potent shamanic spiritual tradition
hailing from Peru's sacred valley 
and its high holy mountains.   Materia Lumina's founder, Eefje, was initiated into this ancient healing art  in 2011
and has been practicing these ways ever since.

These healing ceremonies are able to open subtle yet potent energetic doorways to the divine and earthly realms via prayer, intention, breath and the creation of natural healing bundles. In turn, this work offers insight, cleansing, balancing, re-alignment and empowerment for people, animals, the land, the earth and all types of relationships.  Through simple yet deeply intentional ways, these ceremonies weave together new energetic realities so that any necessary healing can take place and so that new clear, positive and creative energies can flow into the collective as well as into individual lives. 

Ayni Ceremony ~ for balance, alignment + sacred reciprocity

Chaska Ceremony ~ for alignment with your soul star
New Home Ceremony ~ for calling in a new home
New Love Ceremony ~ for calling in new love
New Pacha Ceremony ~ for calling in a new life chapter

Ceremony for the Sacred Feminine
Ceremony for the Sacred Masculine
Sacred Union Ceremony ~ for making sacred a union between lovers
Aya Ceremony ~ for release + rebirth
Cuti Ceremony ~ for protection + cleansing
Power Animal Ceremony ~ for alignment with your power animal

For more information about these ceremonies, please contact us here:

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