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Materia Lumina was founded by Eefje Van Den Broeck-Theeuws, a designer, artist, yogini, healer and lover of nature, truth and beauty.   

She was born just outside Antwerp, Belgium and grew up traveling between Europe and the United States.  


Eefje's signature work with Materia Lumina focuses on bringing together the realms of art, design and energy medicine.

The work she creates is palpable to those who experience it and her projects result in

elevated, elegant, serene and inspiring spaces, places, objects and experiences infused with healing essence. 


A long-time yoga, meditation and energy healing practitioner,

Eefje is dedicated to the well-being, soul empowerment + natural beauty of our planet and all its creatures. 


Eefje is trained in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Art, Landscape Design, Energy Healing and Kundalini Yoga.

Before forming Materia Lumina, Eefje worked with Aidlin-Darling Design, James Hill, Studio Saha and

Ground Studio / Bernard Trainor + Associates as a Design Associate and also completed trainings in

Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Applied Yogic Technology. 


Royal Academy of Fine Art / Henri Van De Velds Institute (Antwerp, Belgium) 

California College of Art (San Francisco) ~ B-Arch 2000

The Four Winds Society (Joshua Tree, California) ~ Light Body School graduate

Andean Research Institute (Maras, Peru)

RaMa Yoga Institute (Los Angeles, California)


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