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Hello, my name is Eefje Van Den Broeck - Theeuws and I am the founder of Materia Lumina.  I am a designer, artist, healer, yogini and lover of nature, truth and beauty and I have 20+ experience in the realms of home design, spiritual practice and ceremonial healing.  

Ever since I can remember, I have deeply appreciated beautiful, soulful and healing homes and spaces as well as the energetics woven into those spaces.

 I love places and spaces that offer me a sense of beauty, welcome and comfort when I arrive and where I can feel a heart-warming soulfulness residing.  Even if I have never been in a place before and am visiting for the very first time, I love those that give me the subtle sense of feeling at home.  Places like this exude a certain mix of peace, calm, presence and "just-rightness".


Growing up in the quiet village of Heide, just north of Antwerp, Belgium, I come from a region known for its incredible natural beauty as well as one that is also highly regarded for its bespoke architecture and interior design sensibility. Attention to quality, materiality and detail as well a sense of timelessness and understated elegance are all hallmarks of this uniquely Belgian design aesthetic that I grew up with.  All around me were charming renovated farmhouses with endless green fields and nature reserves in the country as well as sumptuous guilded houses, centuries old churches, cobblestone streets and historic 11th-19th century buildings of various architectural styles all around the city.  There was also an incredibly thoughtful way in which the charm of the old world was met with the more streamlined aesthetics of the modern world and the two often sat side by side in very creative and beautiful ways.  It created for a very harmonious continuum of design and cultural aesthetics.  

After moving to California's west coast as a young person and learning to love it too for its majestic landscapes and distinctly upbeat, relaxed and natural aesthetic and way of life, I decided to follow my love of spaces and studied Interior Design and Architecture in college.  Alongside my design studies and work, I also deeply engaged with energy healing studies and spiritual practices at the same time.  Following my own unique design and spirituality path and calling over the years, I found myself living in incredible places like zen monasteries and deeply sacred lands along the way.  And as I experienced more spaces dedicated to spirit and healing as well as more of my own healing over time, I began to realize how important healthy, well balanced and inspiring dwelling spaces truly are.


For me, the most evocative homes and spaces are those that are deeply connected to the land and the heart in a palpable way. True home is a place where our heart and soul is tended to and where a deep heartfelt sense of belonging in the heart and to the land become the energetic reality that weaves itself through the space. 

Home is our place of sanctuary, rest and healing and a place where we can feel safe, calm and peaceful. It is also the space in our lives away from outside influences where we can tend to our hearts and those of our loved ones as well as our dreams and nourish them to life.  Home is our nest and also that space which launches us into the flight of life every single day. 

Home is our very own Sacred Space

and is incredibly important to our health and well-being.

After years of designing homes and spaces for many different people along with many years of experience in energy healing, spiritual practice and ceremonial work, I founded MATERIA LUMINA as a place where home and healing come together and where I help people create spaces that feel truly nourishing to the soul.  Each person and each family is different so each home will be different too but creating home in a healing way is a journey that is well worth the effort as it sets the tone for your entire life and all that happens in it.  

More than anything, I love helping people create spaces they truly love and that inspire them to live their best, most authentic and most soulful lives.  If this feels like something you long for, I would love to help you create a home you will love with all your heart.   



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